Monday, January 18, 2010


Pretty sure this has been making the rounds around the net, but this is rad enough to post multiple times. Oddly awesome and weird. Rick McCranks character looks too good.

"In this fantastical adventure comedy, skateboarding is not a trivial pastime of the young, but rather a noble pursuit worthy of the highest cultural recognition. In this strangely beautiful world, professional skateboarders live like knights in baroque castles, the half pipe their jousting arena and the concrete of the streets the forum for their Machiavellian tricks. Walter Rhums dream comes true when the 17-year-old skateboarder is selected to ride professionally for Machotaildrop, the worlds most prestigious skateboard company."

"Whisked away from his mundane life, Walter is transported to the lavish estate of Machotaildrop's headquarters, lorded over by the quirky and delusional Baron. As the Baron grooms young Walter (with the right air, and the right outfit) to dethrone then current top rider Blair Stanley and to replace him as the new face of Machotaildrop, Walters fantasy life dissolves into a dizzying nightmare, as he uncovers the nasty underbelly of the Barons skateboard manufacturing operation. "


dear williamsburg said...

I had some other jams playing when i watched that and it still looks pretty rad. moveez indeed.

eric said...

holy shit.