Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heroin Stamp Project

"In the New York City drug trade, as in many enterprises, marketing and branding is key.

The words and images stamped on packets of heroin — from the phrase “Cop n Go” to “White Fang” - serve the same purpose as a corporate logo. The images and phrases are used to brand a particular set of stamp bags, and brand a particular batch of heroin known on the streets by that stamp.

For decades these stamps have bred brand loyalties that walk a very thin line between dying and getting a good high: the most popular stamps are most often the most potent and deadly. Blown up larger than life these beautiful, fascinating and unsettling images of the stamps hint at a complex chain from supplier to dealer, the dynamics of drug markets and the story of the marketing of addiction on the streets of NYC."

Great idea for a show. Looking forward to checking it out. Read the New York Times article here.

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