Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recently Purchased: People Who Deserve It (Socially Responsible Reasons To Punch Someone In The Face)

Just received this book in the mail this morning and it's been keeping me occupied all day. Written by copywriters Casey Rand and Tim Gordon, the book is full of illustrations and short blurbs about people who deserve to get punched in the face. Such as: "Impatient Subway Boarder". "Slow-Ass ATM User", "Faulty Coffee Lid", "Cries At Anything Girl", "Incessant Facebook Status Updater" and more. Personal favorite of mine is "Digital Camera Viewer Stealer", aka the guy who you show one picture to on your camera and then they wind up going through your whole life and never give the camera back. Good stuff. Oder the book here, and peep their blog.

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