Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recently Purchased: Help, I Have Allergies

So there I was--my second time to Duane Reade in 20 minutes. Nose running, eyes watering, nervous about wether or not my co-workers have noticed me wiping my nose for the past hour. I had just bought Sudafed for my sinuses but I realized that I was just having allergies from something in the office building, possibly from the paint they’re using at the new office across the hall. Being an intern, I definitely didn't want to be perceived as the "sick guy" at work who uses the same tissue over and over again, but sadly I was slowly reaching that status. I needed to do something. So I returned to Duane Reade, grabbed a travel pack of Zyrtec for an over priced 8 dollars and searched for a single travel pack of tissues. For some reason the travel size tissues come in what seems like an 18 pack or something--all I needed was one. (This is something I will never understand as I refuse to buy 18 of anything besides beer.) Not giving in to their sales ploy I decided to just use toilet paper for the rest of the day. I didn’t care about the chapped discomfort my nose would soon be feeling, I most certainly didn't want to arrive back at the office with a plethora of tissues all for myself. Defeated and soon to be broke, I made my way towards the cashier when I came across this:

I didn’t want to get my hopes up though. Was it possible that there’s such a thing as a well designed, cleverly written, personable pharmaceutical product that seems like it’s made for design nerds? And for under 4 dollars? Am I seeing things? So I reached for it and thankfully, I was not hallucinating from the Sudafed--this product was real. I was as happy and thankful as an allergenic grade schooler with a new inhaler. I clenched it tight and walked towards the cashier. I placed my new product on the counter and what do you know, I even found a single pack of travel tissues. I was overjoyed. It seemed like my allergies had already been lifted out of my face and I hadn't even gotten past geeking out over the clever copy on the back. I returned to the office, proud to place my newly purchased allergy medicine on my desk. I popped a pill, and let it help me get through the rest of my day. I never thought I'd fully back medicine brand the way I do now, but it works. I guess they know their audience. And as it turns out, not only do they make a good product, they have a good website too. Cleverly written, fun stuff to do, t-shirts to buy, etc. Check it out and see what other products they have as well.
Thanks for the help, Help.

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