Monday, March 7, 2011

We Recco Recco

Formed by creatives Peter Cortez, Joe Sayaman and Jason Culbertson, Recco is an iPhone app in the same vein as Yelp or Menu Pages, but more community oriented and friendly. This way, instead of reading how Joe Smith from Ontario can flex his writing muscles about a bar in Brooklyn he's been to once on a monday, you can take your actual friends word for it and read their reviews, or take their advice from the simple "Recco" or "Meh" button. You can also ask for Recco's via Facebook or Twitter, and follow what your friends have been Recco-ing from their profiles. It launched pretty recently so there's not so many users as of yet, but it's well designed and it always feels good to support other peoples endeavors.
Some screenshots:

Download it here and look me up. I'm all alone in this as of now :(


Joe S said...

Hey Nick:

Thanks for the nice write-up. Hope you're enjoying Recco so far + thanks for the line about it being well-designed. You made our designer's day!


Joe "Not Joe Smith from Ontario" Sayaman

Nick said...

Good to hear! And thanks for the re-post!