Friday, December 2, 2011

Mobile Party Unit: Digital Dump #2 aka Man Make Fire aka Fisheye Faux Pas aka My First Fisheye

Sorry I got a little ranty on the last one. The majority of these photos are campfire photos from ohhh, let's say from nights 2, 4 and 6 of the trip. It's actually freaking me out a little that these aren't in exact order, but I guess that's what makes em dumpy. Props to ma man Pad for the ill headlamp precision on these first fewtaahhhhh. Oh, and did you know? You can click on any photo to view them all as a slide show and skip my dumb commentary.

A man reflects on his place in the world amidst the madness of a late summer evening.


Not sure what was going on with Vin Mo at this point in the trip.

Open Container

Pad being awesome

Graham being awesome

Shawn has the most insane radar for picking out weirdos to talk to in random towns.

Helped drained this pool one day. Andy could tell you the specifics with all their nicknames or whatever, I just know this pool as the one where Dillon took back all of the beer we brought them in return for skating it.

Graham went pee pee.

Willy no land but whatevs. Who's countin!?!

Can't remember if the following photo is related to this bail, but yeesh.

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