Friday, August 14, 2009

Here are a few shots I took from my recent trip to Alaska. I went with my parents and my girlfriend Elise. Between Elise and I, we got a ton of amazing shots of the places, landscapes, and people. I shot digital (seen here), 35mm, and 120, which I'll update with the as soon as they are developed. Elise focused mainly on portraits, taking hundreds of really funny and interesting shots of the masses of tourists that take over Alaska in the summer months. I will definitely make another post as soon as I get the photos from her.

The glaciers were incredible. Too bad they're melting. Oh well.


I'm bloated.

There were some rad classic cars in the Yukon.

Scope the Jesus Bobble head.

Some sick native artwork.

This was on the Canadian border. Elise is a Waldo wannabee. Can you find her?

One of my favorite shots.

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