Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here are some more photos from my trip to Greece a few weeks ago. These were shot with my Olympus as well. Even though I had my dslr with me, I found myself shooting with this more.

My mom in an elevator in Athens.

Mom and pop on the way to the island of Sciathos.

There were tons of stray cats everywhere.

The supermarket in town that my cousins own. With it being the only supermarket in town, you can't buy anything without the whole family knowing. In this case, they most definitely knew me and my Dad's thirst for Greek beer.

Plenty of seafood, home made wine, and ouzo. That stuff will sneak up on you.

Terrible Greek graffiti.

The lighting in this bathroom was sweet.

I got my rolls of Super8 developed and converted last week and can't wait to start putting a small edit together. I'll post it soon.

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