Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Chello! Mike has his updated site up that you should check out, and I have my flickr up that's serving as a temporary place to view my photos until my new site is up.

The Midnight Poncho album is pretty much done and we've been throwing around some ideas for the packaging. It should be some interesting stuff. We're working on a few other things too but don't want to give away too much yet. Good things to come. Like the two Hawaii Chairs we just ordered.

My Next Investment

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Here's a card I designed with Elise for a party at the eco boutique/art gallery where she works. Anyone in the Philly area be sure to come check it out on Sept 17th. Free Booze.

Here's a sequence of our psycho pal Dillon Constantine from a recent trip to Boston. He was the young dude on the trip and has a shit ton of energy. He was always down for anything and got people psyched. He's also a big supporter of Visivo, so thanks for wearing the tee, Dillon. Also, thanks for doing this trick twice because I fucked up the first time. I still owe you a 40 and some lunch.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here are some more photos from my trip to Greece a few weeks ago. These were shot with my Olympus as well. Even though I had my dslr with me, I found myself shooting with this more.

My mom in an elevator in Athens.

Mom and pop on the way to the island of Sciathos.

There were tons of stray cats everywhere.

The supermarket in town that my cousins own. With it being the only supermarket in town, you can't buy anything without the whole family knowing. In this case, they most definitely knew me and my Dad's thirst for Greek beer.

Plenty of seafood, home made wine, and ouzo. That stuff will sneak up on you.

Terrible Greek graffiti.

The lighting in this bathroom was sweet.

I got my rolls of Super8 developed and converted last week and can't wait to start putting a small edit together. I'll post it soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speaking of Alaska, here is a live video of Alaskan natives Portugal. The Man playing a song off their new album The Satanic Satanist. They're one of my all time favorite bands and their new album is pretty sick. Check it out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here are a few shots I took from my recent trip to Alaska. I went with my parents and my girlfriend Elise. Between Elise and I, we got a ton of amazing shots of the places, landscapes, and people. I shot digital (seen here), 35mm, and 120, which I'll update with the as soon as they are developed. Elise focused mainly on portraits, taking hundreds of really funny and interesting shots of the masses of tourists that take over Alaska in the summer months. I will definitely make another post as soon as I get the photos from her.

The glaciers were incredible. Too bad they're melting. Oh well.


I'm bloated.

There were some rad classic cars in the Yukon.

Scope the Jesus Bobble head.

Some sick native artwork.

This was on the Canadian border. Elise is a Waldo wannabee. Can you find her?

One of my favorite shots.

These are two bands that I've been psyched on lately. Both are from Maine, and are on the same label (l'animaux tryst). There's been some cool stuff coming from Maine, and these guys are proof. If you're into experimental folky type stuff then you'll enjoy.