Thursday, February 11, 2010


So a few weeks ago the video titled "prelude-699130082451322" (as posted here) started making the rounds around the interweb. Since then there's been three more of these released, with the newest one in short, being really fucking awesome. Each of these are revealing a little more although it's still hard to tell where these are coming from. The numbers in the title have been rumored to go with corresponding letters but I have absolutely no idea how to start deciphering that. So far people have been throwing out names like Christina Aguilera, Goldfrapp, and Lady Gaga (please god, don't let it be her), but who knows. I was hoping the first one was going to be sort of a preview of the Animal Collective visual album, "ODDSAC", but turns out that wasn't true at all (NYC screening soon!). I do however hope it's someone in pop culture though, and if it's not I hope they break into pop culture because of this. I think it'd be exciting to see more creativity going on in that realm. Anyhow check them out below, and pray to god that it's not Lady Gaga.

ODDSAC trailer:


dear williamsburg said...

fever ray?

Anonymous said...

the numbers that are separated by periods all represent letters. 1=A 2=B 3=C, etc. the numbers of the first video spell "education". the second video says "i am". the third says "its me". the final video says "mandragora." its a band i think.