Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Tones Preview

So here's the final product (finalllyyy) of the Smolder release, Snow Tones. The name Snow Tones has somewhat of a double meaning on both the visual and sonic level. Visually it reminds me of the feeling of staring at bright snow too long that you start to see colors, and sonically it sounds like a crowded subway in the winter, or being snowed in (depending on what song you listen to of course). Not exactly party jams, more of headphone music. Anyhow, enough talking.

Edition of 50 copies, each cd is hand crafted and contains 8 tracks. $8.00 Price includes shipping. $6.00 if you're in the tri-state or see me whenever.

In other news, workin on a few other ideas. Have the urge to stay inside and make stuff with all this snow out. Accordians or something.

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