Thursday, April 28, 2011

Found Fridays: Those Things Called Books

Every time I'm back at my parents house I always find more things to bring back to Brooklyn to clutter up my own apartment. Clothes, records, knick knacks, mugs, mittens--anything. This time was no different as I found a few books that caught my eye in the basement. My mom has been a copywriter for years, and now that I'm taking that same route it was cool to see what writing books she used to use while at work.

This one is designed by Rupert Finegold. I couldn't find much info on him, but there's some stuff about him scattered around the internet.

Proofreading symbols!

More proofreading symbols!

This next one I picked up while visiting Mike down in Philly. We were at a vintage furniture shop/warehouse and one of the workers overheard me saying I liked it. It was covered in dust and you could tell he really didn't want it in his shop anymore because he gave it to me for free in two seconds. It looks like it's pocket sized but this thing is thick and heavy as heck.

I always like taking the book jackets off to see if there's a cool hidden design that's beneath it. Most of the time it's not the case but I got lucky with this one.

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