Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memorable Mags

I was recently looking through covers and ads by The Economist and came across this cover from September 2008:

Looking back, I realize how awesome of a cover this is and I wish I picked it up when it came out. Not only for aesthetic purposes, but it's great commentary for what was going on at the time. Plus, it would be nice to remember a significant event or a moment in time with something like a magazine. You know, something you can pull from your shelf 10 years from now and look back on. I said to myself that whenever an innovative cover would be on the newsstand, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. So about a week later, this amazing issue of the New Yorker comes out:
Low and behold, I waited a few days and before I knew it, it was taken off the shelves. Now I’m stuck looking for back issues online. (Damn you procrastination, you’ve got the best of me again.) Luckily, it’s a recent issue, so I won’t be spending much to have it, but it’s covers like this that reminds me how much of an impact print and good design can and will continue to have on people.

I'm considering making this a regular thing on the blog. Anyone else have memorable magazine covers? I know plenty of skate ones that I'm even considering scanning.


Michael said...

Scope these.

Nick said...

Ah nice find. Plenty of great ones in there. Thanks!