Friday, July 2, 2010

Recently Purchased: Tabu Licorice

I picked up this tin of licorice full on knowing that I wouldn't like it because I generally don't like licorice, but I bought it anyway just for the packaging. Caffe Capri, located down the block from me, has a whole slew of imported products from Italy and this tin has been catching my eye every morning. Now this isn't a new cafe pretending to be euro and selling something over priced and imported just for the sake of it, these people are actually old and Italian and it feels like I'm hanging out with my relatives when I walk in there. Not to mention, they make the best iced coffee ever. But anyway, on to the licorice.

Great logo, color and type all around. Now it's time to open it up.

Turns out you have to twist it to open, and it has an opening just big enough to fit one or two pieces through. Clever.

And just like I thought, I didn't like them. Just not my thing. They look and taste a little like mouse turds, but I still love the packaging.

Edit: Also, just stumbled upon this ridiculously racist Tabu commercial on the YouTube:

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eric said...

pretty sure that commercial is racist.