Thursday, July 22, 2010

DR001: Smolder, Audrey

I'm proud to announce the digital release of some new material I've been working on. Where as earlier songs were live or composed from early recordings and then spliced and tweaked around, this release is me actually sitting down and recording in front of my computer. Feels good starting from scratch again. I'm not sure if I'm planning on doing another digital release soon, but expect a full album late summer/early autumn. Playing live is also in the works as well.

The first song is called "Audrey" and the second is a cover of "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley (which you can think of as the b-side to the single). I don't normally sing and probably won't on future songs (audibly, at least), but I thought I'd give it a try so bare with me. I had the idea to cover this song after hearing it on the radio at 6:00 AM when the sun was coming up and I tried to get that same feeling across in the song. The album artwork is from some old polaroids I found at my grandmas house and the girl in the photos is actually my aunt. I like that there's some meaning behind them as opposed to using an old photo of someone I don't even know. Hope you enjoy it.

Listen and download for free at Bandcamp
(Listening with good speakers or headphones is recommended. There are some low frequencies that don't come across well on laptop speakers.)

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eric said...

shit rulz. enjoy the amy's burrito and hash roach i left for you.