Monday, September 28, 2009

Currently Listening: The United States Of America

"Their sound blended a range of musical genres, including avant-garde, psychedelic, and progressive. One of the more notable points of the band was that it had no guitar player, which for its time was quite radical, as the electric guitar occupied a central position in rock music of the time. Instead, they used strings, keyboards and electronics, including primitive synthesizers, and various audio processors, including the ring modulator."

Unfortunately they only recorded one album, but sometimes things are better off that way though. This has been on my turntable for the past few days and gets me in a groove while working on things or cleaning the apartment. I posted a few songs below. "Coming Down" sounds like a pretty typical 60's rock song. "Cloud Song" (my favorite) is more of a ballad and "The American Metaphysical Circus" gets pretty wacky with voice manipulation and ring modulator.

Coming Down:

Cloud Song:

The American Metaphysical Circus:

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