Thursday, September 3, 2009

"I think I have a diease that makes my hearing imperfect, but at least I make some wonderful noise"

Some of the best things in life are hidden gems. Things that you don't realize at first but when you do, you're instantly hooked. Kind of like the time you realized that you enjoy the taste of beer, or when you figure out new shortcuts on your computer. These sort of gems happen to be my favorite things in life, and this song by the husband and wife duo of Avey Tare and Kria Brekkan has been a recent favorite of mine. In its original form, the songs from this Animal Collective side project were released all in reverse, some of which were sped up as well. While this might confuse some people (everyone), it really is no surprise coming from these two. They simply thought it sounded better that way (to each his own). Causing internet babble, some people pretty much wrote the album off as horrible. Pitchfork gave it a rating of 1 (yes, on a scale of 1-10), and many fans were upset at the release. But while most people didn't even bother to upload the album to their iTunes, some people decided to open it in an audio program and get to work on how its supposed to sound. When reversed back to its original form, this album is pretty much amazing and beautiful, the song "Sasong" in particular. Check out the two versions below.

Reversed and sped up x2. (With some cool animations actually):

The original version:

For those of you interested, I'm pretty sure the "fixed" version of this album is now available on iTunes.

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