Thursday, September 3, 2009

Iram the Wonderer

So we're finally making some headway on our friend Eric's zine. It's been talked about a lot and now we're excited to finally start tossing some ideas around in terms of packaging and design. Here's the description from Eric's email:

"The zine will be "Iram the Wonderer" follows a creature from his virgin birth of a traveling gypsy, his travels with his mother (incognito on his mothers back as a bonzai tree), eating his mother (wearing her heart as a necklace for guidance for the remainder of the zine), psychadelic encounter- visions of god (a 3 headed owl crucified on a cactus), lonesome drunken campfire (the smoke will read, "welcome the stars with wine and guitars") each 2 page will have text intertwined with the illustrations... I have yet to think of anything for his death, but it will be something of mind rape magnitude.

Judging from that description alone, I'm sure that Eric will come up with some ridiculous illustrations. Check out some of his work below:

Also, check out his blog.


eric said...

cool. lets do this.

Mallory Lawson said...

this work reminds me of aurel schmidt, especially the first one