Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is one of the many works of my former teacher, John Langdon. He invented the ambigram, and has gained notoriety with his work for Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I payed him a visit last Saturday up at his mountain home in upstate PA. His house is like a private museum, filled with his work, inspiration, mid-century style furniture, and one of a kind works from other artists and designers. I got a first hand look and his newest paintings and ambigrams, his amazing wood block type collection, and sketches of his first ambigrams that dated back to 1968. With no formal education in design, John's education has developed through his constant observation of his surroundings, and it is apparent in his work. Using common phrases, well-known logos, and clever juxtaposition of words, John's paintings are a harmonious combination of simplicity and smarts. A show of his paintings is in the works at Pure Gold gallery in Northern Liberties in Philly. Check out John's website for a full scope of his work.

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